The author is a former US diplomat and banker. Born in Hong Kong, he writes about US-China and Hong Kong affairs, regional trade, the environment, and broader national security questions. He also contributes articles about Chinese martial arts.

As a diplomat, he served in Afghanistan covering political and security issues and managed a program to reconcile former Taliban fighters with the government. His other tours of duty included Tokyo, Paris, Fukuoka, Seoul, and Washington DC. His last assignment was in Hong Kong, where he was the Chief of the Economic and Political Section and regularly served as the Deputy Consul General. He is the recipient of numerous State Department Superior and Meritorious Honor Awards, including for service in a war zone.

Based in Asia, he has contributed articles to the South China Morning Post,  Foreign Policy in Focus,  and The Diplomat.  His opinion pieces have also appeared in the Inter Press Service News AgencyGlobal PostAsia TimesTaipei TimesEurasia Review, the Wall Street Journal’s digital news links, and Newsweek Japan.

He is also a regular contributor to Wing Chun Illustrated, a London-based martial arts magazine, and took a Silver Medal in the 2012 Yip Man Cup Wing Chun Competition held in Hong Kong.

In addition to writing, he is an editor for the bi-monthly magazine Global Health and Travel and serves as a consultant for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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