Feature Articles on Trade and Business Trends

I contribute regular feature articles on trade policy, business trends, and market opportunities to an online industry magazine published by Tradegood, a B2B global sourcing company.

Prior to 2014, articles for Tradegood were published in Business Chain on iTunes in an online magazine format.  All of my articles written for Tradegood are now in its Viewpoint section at http://www.tradegood.com/en/viewpoints.html and listed below:

“The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Is Multilateralism Dead? (November 2013)

“In Today’s Toy Market, Adults Want to Play Too” (November 2013)

“Is the ‘Silver Hair’ Market a  Hidden Pot of Gold?” (November 2013)

Bangladesh’s Latest Tragedy: Are Things Really About to Change”  (July 2013) 

“The Social Progress Index and Your Market (July 2013)

“U.S. Trade Policy Under Obama II” (March 2013) 

“Europe’s Horse Meat Scandal:  Know Your Supplier” (March 2013)  

“Made in the USA: The Resurgence of U.S. Manufacturing”  (February 2013) 


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